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  withpureheart wants to know:

Send me a •3• and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to your muse as a poem from mine

    look down and see the beggars at your feet
             someday I’m coming back, and it wont be long
               hey there sugar hey there baby saw you twice at the pop show
                     down once more to the dungeons of my black despair 
                                           —————-  my dear sweet child, it’s what I live for ————— 

  themagnificenthatter wants to know:

Send me a •3• and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to your muse as a poem from mine

    this is the one situation, I wanted most to avoid,
             my love, there’s only you in my life — the only thing that’s right
               it’s like you’re a drug, it’s like a demon I can’t face down
                     I will bet my life, like I bet my heart, that you were the one, baby 
                                                                      —————-   [ put on your war paint ] ————— 

  oflocksley wants to know:

Send me a •3• and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to your muse as a poem from mine


    we took a back road, we’re gonna look at the stars —- we took a back road in my car
             come with me, into the trees — we’ll lay on the grass and let the hours pass ; ;
                  —————-   at the doorway of my heart,  all the leaves are falling down
                                                             {  there’s a fire starting in my soul  }
                     nothing is so good it lasts eternally, perfect situations must go wrong

text to regina:
Yes. Where’s The Food. Leroy told me that’s what the acronym stood for.
text to the thief:
Well my dear, I’m afraid to say that you’ve been deceived. Not that it should come as a surprise to anyone.
text to the thief:
That dwarf is a known idiot — and you’re the most blindly trusting thief I have ever heard of. How did you ever manage to survive so long uncaught?

  oflocksley wants to know:
[ text to: regina ] WTF, Regina?

 text to: the thief

 Am I supposed to know what this is in reference to?

Send me a •3• and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to your muse as a poem from mine

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Regina’s heart had been one of the last pieces
of the puzzle — the only thing left was the Charming’s
child and that would come soon enough. In the mean time,
much required her attention, yet she could always spare a
moment or two to visit her beloved sister.

                                    One of her favorite pastimes was taunting
                                     the younger of the pair — yet every glance
                                    at the dark haired woman sent pangs
                                    of jealousy flashing through her. 

 [ The petulant child didn’t know how easy she had it,
                      yet she had the a u d a c i t y
 to bemoan her fortune. ]


             Regina would no doubt be at Granny’s
            at this time of the evening, yet Zelena
            didn’t wish to make a public scene —
            not this time anyway. A one on one
            conversation was much more desirable,
            and she stood unseen on the corner of the street,
            waiting for her to emerge.

                              She vaguely wondered what sort of plan
                              her enemies were plotting to stop her,
                              though she didn’t spend much time
                              worrying about it. It was laughable really —
                              the poor fools didn’t stand a chance and
                              she hadn’t even needed to do any of the work.
                              Her reluctant, yet effective captive did it all for her
                              with no chance at harm to herself.

                                                          So caught up was she in her thoughts
                                                          that she almost didn’t notice Regina
                                                         exit Granny’s Diner and make her way
                                                         down the street, but catching sight of her,
                                                         she followed at a small distance, still cloaked
                                                         in invisibility as she waited for Regina to take
                                                         note of her presence. 


                         Another night spent awkwardly included with the
                         rest of the Charmings wasn’t Regina’s first choice.
                         Sitting across from her son while he looked right
                         through her wasn’t either — but at least she was
                         good at faking it. She put on a smile and picked
                         at the so-called-food served her by that grey old
                         hag, who Regina suspected of having tried to
                         poison her on more than just one occasion. But
                         the night was over now. She could go home to
                         an empty house and lie in her bed awake for
                         hours, trying to discern some way she had yet
                         to think of how to stop her sister.

    Unfortunately now the stakes were higher
    than ever with her heart in the clutches of
    the green bitch, and the weight of so many
    things resting on Regina’s own shoulders. 

                          People enjoyed pointing out to her when things
                          were her fault. Like how her plethora of past
                          experiences seemed to make every other
                          person they met have some sob-story of a
                          grievance against her. And while — yes, she
                          could grant that some of them had legitimate
                          cause to hate her, she still failed to understand
                          why her sister chose to hate her rather than
                          their mother.

           After all, it wasn’t Regina who made Cora
           give up her child. Regina could not fathom
           ever doing such a thing, no matter the

                                   The night air was cool and crisp, and
                                    Regina pulled her jacket tightly closed
                                    around her as she walked briskly down
                                    the shadowy sidewalk, silence enveloping
                                    her like a well worn cloak — but it wasn’t
                                    completely silent, was it?

         She sensed it, more than heard it. Her walk slowed
         a fraction and her posture tensed. Drawing in a
         deep breath, Regina stopped dead in her tracks.


                          “You know — it would help your attempts and being
                              inconspicuous   if you tried not to breathe so loudly.
                                 Honestly, dear.  I can practically smell your envy.”

        Turning on her heel as the sharp and venomous
        words left her lips, Regina waited for her sister
        to show herself. If Zelena wanted to resort to
        stalking her now, she might as well do so in t
        the open.


              [ Overthinking was not in his nature. In fact, experience had taught the
              outlaw that doing so oft landed him in a regrettable position. Robin lived
              rather than watched; acted rather than calculated, and were he to even
              dare thinking about repercussions of what had just happened between
              the pair, nothing but worrying thoughts would surely ensue. The option
              to simply try and enjoy themselves for the time being sounded much
              more pleasant to his ears. ]

       “Not as refined as a Queen’s taste, but decent nonetheless.
             You’ll learn to enjoy the simpler things in life, I have faith in you.” 

                [ No sort of offence was taken from her teasing. If any sentiment
                laced his words, amusement would be it. To say Robin didn’t admire
                that side of her would be a blunt lie; he was all the more captivated by it. ]

              “Aye, I don’t make a habit out of being wrong.” 

                       [ Though excessive confidence was. Rugged features
                       took in a smug air, one that dissolved into a hearty laughter
                       upon the woman’s reaction to the drink. With the flask back
                       in hand, Robin eyed the object with curiosity, a frown creasing
                       his forehead whilst his gaze shifted from the drink to the queen. ]


               “Stout, eh? Perhaps it would be better use of your magic if you
               conjured a glass filled with water.”

          [ Cue to a teasing waggle of his brows
               as the flask of stout whiskey was brought to
                   his lips, the highly tolerant outlaw taking a generous swig of it. ]

                   [ Regina let out a laugh at him, soft and 
                   bemused, her head shaking just a touch. It
                   was really quite strange how at ease she
                   felt around him — but then again she did 
                   have an answer for that too, didn’t she? ]

                                “Some might say that faith was misplaced, 
                                      but I appreciate the sentiment.”              

                    [ She’d have to keep his ability to not be wrong in mind
                    that way she could remind him of such bold declarations
                    the next time she found him to be in error. However at the 
                    moment, she felt more inclined to scoff at his remarks  
                    against her. As a smile threatened to undo her faux offense ]

                           “ Just because I don’t find your crude excuse
                                 for whiskey to be appealing doesn’t mean I
                                      don’t enjoy a good drink.“ 

                      [ As if to put on a show for him, she sat up straighter
                     and waved her hand to conjure a cloud of violet mist 
                     from it a bottle appeared, about three-quarters filled
                      turning it to show him, she smirked produly. ]

                                  ”This happens to be my personal favorite.
                                             It’s gotten me through more than my fair
                                                    share of headaches and long nights.”

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here kitty kitty ;; mq’s first pet


Jefferson couldn’t remember the last time he felt so — normal, frankly. Weeks, months together and that they had never once ventured out past either of their homes’ front steps may have been necessary to the survival of their relationship, but it was still a hard reality for him to ever fully accept. And now with even the possibility of one outing, no matter for what, he finally felt some semblance of normalcy within himself. Even after the curse was cast it was still rare he went out at all. Unless it was with Grace he had no desire to, but that had changed with Regina. As so many things had.

                                                         "I will do my best,"

He said, mirroring her smirk and holding her steady gaze as they were both engulfed by the cloud of her magic. He found himself blinking at the flourescent lights when they re-emerged, and then barely holding back a rather manic laugh at the way she accosted the only attendant to be found.

                                      “Never one to waste an entrance are you?”

He smiled cheekily, then stepping up beside her to take his turn in inspecting what seemed to be the front line of what the shelter had to offer. But then without so much as another word he was gathering up Regina’s hand and walking them right past the front desk, giving the girl behind it nothing but a stare that said they were very fine on their own, help at your own peril.

Regina threw Jefferson a smirk over her shoulder at his comment, and chased it with a nonchalant shrug. He wasn’t wrong — and she had barely been out at all recently. And then of course there was the ever present reminder in the back of her mind that a grossly pregnant woman likely would not strike the same sort of fear into hearts as she now did. Might as well make the most of her lithe form while she still could.

                                   ”Old habits do die hard.”

When his hand took hers, she held onto him lightly, not paying the girl who still cowered any mind as they showed themselves to the back, hopefully to find something less obnoxious than what lined the front room. 

The sounds back here were no less annoying, but slightly muffled by thick concrete floors and walls. Letting out a deep sigh as they walked, Regina tossed her hair back out of her face and frowned at a few animals as they passed.

                                           ”Most of these look as though they’ve seen their last leg already — “ 


                                                                    —————- Am I really fit to lead?

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