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…don’t let anything hold you back.

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        [ –– t i m e was a funny thing, it incurred so much change. the outlaw who’d had
        his band chased by the Queen’s guard, and the same outlaw who would vividly 
        preach against magic found himself enamoured with the regal sorceress.
        Mysterious ways the way of the heart, and he hadn’t any ambition of solving
        them; the alternative of merely letting fate take its path was much more attractive.


                –– as was present company. Cobalt hues flickered to the rising fire,
                surprise filling them. Magic wasn’t all bad, he’d give her that. Bearded
                lips part, and yes, for a moment he does gape whilst she makes her 
                way to the fire; though his lips have the decency to meet each other
                soon as she turns. The bold queen. His own word rang true as ever. ]

     ”Worry not, m’lady, the liquor can be provided.”

                 [ surely, as he reaches the inside pocket of his coat, a flask is fished out. 
                 holding it up, he wiggles the silver container for her viewing benefit, and 
                 proceeds on to occupying the seat beside hers. A smirk graced his lips
                 returning the mischief he was met with. ]

          “I reckon you won’t mind sharing the flask now
                  ––– though if it’s the case, then feel free to conjure yourself a glass.” 


                   [ — It  was difficult, admittedly,  to  keep  herself
                   grounded   and    assured   that   this   wasn’t  a 
                   mistake. Not the kiss —   she  couldn’t  imagine
                   she would ever regret doing  that.  But  staying?
                   For   all  she  knew  his  little  band  of  brothers 
                   would  arrive  at  any  moment,  and  while  she
                   a was trying  to  keep herself  open to all of  the
                   possibilities, she wasn’t certain she was ready
                   to have this thing  between  them  being  public
                   if not for own ease, at  least  to not  give  Zelena
                   one more target. ]

                “ I suppose we’re about to see. Though I
                      do question your tastes in such things —
                           just how refined can a forest dwellers
                                tastes be, hm?“

                                 [ Her voice is light and teasing, holding no malice
                                 She doesn’t want to push him  away,  though she
                                 also can’t simply change who she is just for him.]

         “Presumptuous — ” she remarked, bemusedly ” — but not wrong.“ 

                           [ Taking the offered flask, she gave him a  confident
                           smirk  and  took  a  large swig  of   the  liquid  within. 
                           immediately she let out a cough and passed it back
                            to him with a distasteful grimace. ]

                                                                             ”That — is far too stout for me.”

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Regina Mills.
About 4 hrs painted in photoshop with reference to a pic

- “Red apples are so sickly-sweet, don’t you think? People tend to like something… a little sharper”
- “and green apples suggest… bitter;

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“Everything I love has either ruined me or watched as I ruined it instead.”

[ what would happen if we kissed ] ;; thiefoflocksley


Robin couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt that twisted in his gut. There’d been no other choice to make, and yet — stabbing at the fire with a sharp stick, he wished futilely that there had been.

He stirred at the sound of hasty footsteps approaching — the Dark One back to finish the job? No — for the second time in a day it was she who was approaching him, with the most unreadable look on her face. And then he was talking a moment later. Spewing out his apologies, conviction taking precedence.

                          “But I promise you, I will get it back.”

The thought hadn’t even crossed his mind why she’d come. Or that she hadn’t said a thing — and there was no time even when he’d finished to think on such details when he was suddenly pulled forward into a kiss. His breath seemed to catch at first contact, there was nothing tentative, nor shy about her kiss. He felt her hands twist harder at his coat and then she was even closer, the only source of warmth he could feel with the fire some paces behind and then, it was done.

It was done and yet, when she pulled away it was as if he had this well of new knowledge. But no, it wasn’t new — memories, his memories, they were back. Finding her in the Enchanted Forest, accompanying her, whether she liked it or not, to her castle — a year seemed to flash by in an instant and he remembered. He remembered how this woman had made him feel. How frustrating and impossible she was at every turn — how somehow the very existence of that impossibility had led him to her more times than he could count. Some with utterly pathetic excuses as to why, both to her and to himself. He couldn’t deny how crazy she’d nearly driven him, nor how much he had felt in that kiss. Nor still that he suddenly craved another.

The same realization seemed to pass in her eyes, all within a singular moment, and then it he who was kissing her. Those old, forgotten, and now renewed feelings, pent-up and maddening seemed to drive him forward, claiming a second kiss that rivaled the first in every way. A hand tangling in her hair to keep her close, for it had been too long harboring these feelings he didn’t understand, this connection he felt that made next to no sense, all brought back by a kiss and now validated with another.

He tugged her closer by the waist, determined to make this kiss take away all that he’d been so confused by. As if a kiss alone could uncomplicate it. But just as he thought it might finally make some sense she pulled away again, staring at him with those deep brown eyes that had threatened to drown him in both this and their homeland. For drastically different reasons.

When she all but shoved against his grasp he let her go. Stood watching her pace, no clear idea of what had brought this on. Any of it.

                          “Dare I ask what I did to deserve that?
                          Or what it would take for the privilege of another?”

He remarked with a little more color in his voice. He felt more solid having the last year back where it belonged. But there was also the sudden feeling that he’d finally figured out where he really belonged…before it was gone once again, ripped away the moment he let her go.

There was so much she hadn’t known before — during that elusive year that now spun back into focus for her. All of this time agonizing over some way to undo her sister’s spell, and it was him? Perhaps there was some merit to the fairy’s words after all, but what was she to do with such conflicting emotion? One part of her wanting nothing to do with his overbearing morality, and the other — the other part who knew who he was meant to be to her, and had experienced nothing but kindness and charm from him. 

She breathed in deeply as she stared, mind working furiously to choose a path — to decide which way she wanted to approach this. There was no sense in rushing off to inform the others. It was late, and more to the point, she remembered events, but nothing that could help her stop the green bitch.

                                           ”Deserve isn’t the word I’d use.  ——
                                            And as of this moment, doing that again
                                            is the furthest thing from my mind. Or did you
                                            not feel the effects of the curse breaking off
                                            of us as well?”

It was both truth and lie. She was too overwhelmed to kiss him, and yet, her body seemed to ache with the desire to pull him back against her, and simply forget everything she couldn’t understand. Making sure to keep her distance, finding she couldn’t quite trust herself now, Regina watched him vigilantly, and longingly — conflict gripping her mind in a tumultuous eddy of unrelenting chaos.

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